- Frequently Asked Questions -

Answer: Yes, of course. Currently, Cakcuk only supports Slack, and Telegram is on a timeline for the nearest future. Do you have any ideas? Just simply mail me.

Answer: Free. It's also open-source though.

Answer: Play with it! No setup or necessary steps. Examples are provided. Just play around with your own API.

Answer: An embedded playground is available. You can just go to your-cakcuk-url:port.

Answer: Any ideas, suggestions, and feedback always desirable. You can fill in the form, mail me, or create issues in Cakcuk Github. We're happy to hear from you.

Answer: Submit your issues, submit your pull request, give any feedback, or share Cakcuk to your circle. Any contributions are welcomed.

Answer: Cakcuk Community version is currently maintained with my budget. If you're willing to provide better infrastructure with your infrastructure space or your budget. It will be great. Any kind of sponsorships is well appreciated. Please let me know!