"A Command Bot Interface builder, CLI-based to easily create your CLI commands for your Workspace"
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Commands Simplified,
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~ How It Works ~

Command Parsing Process by Cakcuk

- CUK -

Cuk is a command for hitting any HTTP/S endpoint. Incoming messages from the user will be extracted and check whether it is a Cuk command or not. If it's a Cuk command. It will be converted to an HTTP call. HTTP call will be executed and send back the response to your Workspace.

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- CAK -

Cak is a command for creating new command by wrapping your HTTP call to make it more simple, readable, and straightforward.

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- Custom Command -

Your commands that you create with Cak Command. It's pretty simple to get started. Just try to explore the playground! You can play around with your own API as well.

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~ Examples ~

Help Command Example | Show existing commands with oneline option
Help Command Example | Show command detail with oneline option
Cuk Command Example | Hit endpoint
Cuk Command Example | Hit endpoint with parsing response
Cak Command Example | Create new command then execute the new command

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